Maxwell's Journey

"Together we can make a difference"
Fundraising for Kids with Disabilities

Where Your Donation is going


1. To provide daily essential needs to families who receive little or not enough support from various healthcare facilities and/or the government.

2. To provide Aquatic Water Therapy to children who suffer from chronic illnesses involving muscles and sever pain within the region.
3. To provide Aquatic Water Therapy to adults in the region who suffer from muscular illnesses and chronic pain, which hinders their independence. 
4. To provide financial support (i.e. parking passes, gift cards, donated clothing, various household items, hotel vouchers, discounts to stay closer to healthcare facilities when needed, etc.) to families with chronically ill children who face long-term hospitalization (30+ days) and possible separation from their families. 
5. To provide the parents of special needs children with various tools to help their child(s) continue to strive and survive. 
6. To provide a safe and friendly environment for families of special needs children to feel welcome and work towards becoming mindful of extra support that can be found within the community.